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31 травня 2018

Стипендія на навчання у літній школі для журналістів (Латвія)

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Журналісти з країн Східного Партнерства можуть подавати заявки на отримання стипендії на навчання у літній школі, що відбудеться 16-18 серпня в Латвії. Дедлайн - 28 червня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

About the Summer School on Investigative Reporting

The Centre for Media Studies at SSE Riga invites you to attend the seventh Summer School on Investigative Reporting.

Professional editors, reporters and trainers with spearhead practical knowledge and global experience on stage!


The keynote speaker is Bernt Olufsen from Norway.

He will be looking in to the future of (investigative) journalism.

Supporting freedom of the press through quality journalism, journalistic ethics and self-regulating media is the founding elements in a democracy and a trusting relationship with our audience.

Bernt Olufsen believes the answer is increased investments in independent and critical journalism. And that openness as well is part of the answer.

This year’s speakers

This year’s speakers come from UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Plus, some ten reporters from countries all around the Baltic.

Paul Myers is a magician searching the Internet. During two days he will show how to find more information than you thought was possible. Have you listen to him before? – doesn’t matter – he always has new tricks.

Drew Sullivan and Miranda Patrucic has been part of the Summer School from the start. And that for a reason. Reporting on Organized Crime and Corruption is our core business and they are world class. Miranda is probably the most awarded journalist in the world during the last few years.

Ole Rode Jensen is our expert on visual journalism. Investigating and getting a solid result is only part of your job. Now you need to find the audience and visual journalism is a key. 

Jan Mosander is one of the most seasoned investigative reporters in Sweden. He will present practical ideas based on experience including that a failure is not all bad.

Our key note speaker Bernt Olufsen is also intensively promoting the importance of ethics. Today, as journalism is under attack from so many, the highest ethical standard will be even more important.

Inga Springe and Sanita Jemberga from Re:Baltica will invite reporters and editors to present extraordinarily work in countries around the Baltic in 2017.

Our pre-seminar speaker Tom Trewinnard works with verification of news and will on Wednesday speak on how to combat misinformation during elections.

To apply

Source: https://www.media-summerschool.lv/


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